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Job patience is my virtue…

After a short blogging break to deal with some important family stuff, I’m back!

Since my last post, I have struck lucky and returned (for the fourth time!) to my favourite temping haunt at the Exhibition Company. Even luckier than that, I’m there ’til Christmas (which means the family is guaranteed a pressie under the tree) AND I’m doing interesting marketing work for a lovely boss too!

On top of all that, I have an interview for a full-time, permanent post as a Content Co-ordinator for a fashion brand – yes I know, excitingly, I have a shot at a genuinely-interesting-job-with-a-future! In the past, people have laughed or thrown me a pitying look when I tell them I’m temping until a job I really want to do comes along. Why is it so naive to believe that your work life can be as enjoyable as your home life?!?

If this year has taught me one thing in particular, it’s to seize opportunities as they come along. That way, you have no regrets and can cherish every brilliant moment you experience. Which was exactly my line of thinking when a small lump sum unexpectedly came my way. It has been sensibly sitting in my savings account as emergency bill money should the temping dry up. Now I’m employed ’til Christmas, it has transformed itself into a wonderful down payment for a Florida villa, for two weeks over my birthday in March… 😮


The fax of life…

Thankfully, I managed to survive my two temping weeks at the law firm (see last blog entry), and Top Dog Solicitor even knew my name by the last day! My new “Tonight Matthew” temping role is that I’m pretending to be… a Data Entry Clerk! It’s just for the week and it’s pretty simple work once you memorise the computer processes needed. My whole day is summed up in this circle of activity;

Print invoices – print checklist – write and print out fax headers – send faxes (around 100 at a time) – staple fax confirmations – enter into computer and repeat!

It’s a bit mind numbing (although I welcome it after the stress fest of the past two weeks!), but it actually makes me appreciate that when I eventually land my dream Copywriter/Web Editor job (wherever that may be!), I will be lucky enough to indulge the creative side of my brain on a daily basis.

And of course the hardest part of working here (get your hankies out folks), is the out-of-town location… The Starbucks staff in town must be wondering what on earth has happened to the one shot skinny latte girl this week!

Note to self: sign contract before celebrating…

After the fantastic high of verbally being offered my ‘dream job’ as a Web Editor 5 weeks a go, my spirits now resemble a brightly coloured helium balloon that has slowly started to wrinkle and deflate, hanging there with hope that it may become its former robust, skys-the-limit self. The reason for this is I still have no contract, nothing in writing whether paper or email, not even a quick scribbled note on the back of a beer mat – nada!

 The delays have arisen, so I’m told by agency girl, because;

a) They thought the whole cv sorting/two-step interview process would
take 6-8 weeks. As I also had another potential job lurking, they turned the whole process round in a couple of weeks to get me

b) The guy currently in post has ‘contractual issues’ which have been in the process of being sorted out since I got the offer

I’m constantly reassured by agency girl and the guy who hired me that I am ‘perfect for the role’, would ‘fit in well with the team’ and ‘they really don’t want to lose me’, despite the inordinate amount of time it is taking for me to be issued with a contract. I put up with these assurances for 3 weeks, no longer wanting people to ask, “When do you start your new job?” as I genuinely wondered whether I actually had a job anymore. During this time of doubt, I was contacted by another agency girl with a potential PR/Copywriters role within a lifestyle brand for 12 months. Mentally cheered by the fact people think I’m still worth offering an actual contract to, I read the job description and asked her to put me forward for it.

At this point, I thought it would be useful leverage to use with (as I now lovingly refer to it)  ‘fake job’ agency girl; she could pass on the fact that other people were contacting me as this is what had got them moving so fast originally. I told her the next time she called and it had the desired effect(?) that a whole week later, she came back with a potential solution: would I do freelance there while the contractual problems got sorted? I said I would consider it as long as the hourly rate matched the offered salary and off she went to present her findings. The same day, PR job agency girl called to say they want to see me for interview and would ring with dates the next week. On Friday, potential interview dates for 28th April and 4th May were sent to me with exact times to follow on Monday, still no word from ‘fake job’ agency girl about the freelancing.

Being incredibly truthful, patient and more than a bit fed up at this stage, I emailed PR agency girl to say her job had evolved from potential leverage into front-runner, if the interview went well and the vibe felt right (I honestly believe the interview is as much for your benefit as it is theirs when it comes to checking each other out). So it’s a question of once again becoming that enthusiastic, brightly filled balloon of energy that people want to hire, contract and all..!

Timing and decisions…

Amongst all the drama happening back Up North, a job interview has finally reared its hopeful head. Originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago but rearranged twice due to sickness of the interviewer, it is booked in for 8 am this Wednesday (eek!) It’s a long-term temping role which involves doing the kind of work I like to do, carries a great salary and offers stability for the next 12 months. Needless to say, I would really love to get it! However, another permanent role (great salary, stuff I really want to do, PERMANENT!) was advertised last week on Wednesday night which I applied for, got a phone call on Thursday to register with the agency and a first telephone interview on Friday! I have a second interview set up for next Monday and potentially, a dream scenario of 2 job offers… or a nightmare of 2 interviews, no job offers!

I have been determined to stick to my resolution that I will only apply for permanent jobs that I really want to stay in but, if I get a job offer this week for the year-long post, how do I balance that against stalling for time to see how the second interview works out? It’s a dilemma I’m dreading but  really hoping to face over the weekend, time to book in for an advice/lunch session with friends…

Work is great!

Day 3 and everything is still hunky dory in the workplace. Someone stopped by to check how I was getting on and I said fine. It’s rumoured that I will be sticking around ’til Christmas and might progress to some copy and web work plus a rise in hourly rate, woo hoo! Don’t know why I didn’t join this agency sooner, it’s been a real confidence boost. I know I can do the work but it gets really disheartening when you never get any feedback from online jobs. Still waiting to hear what is happening about my cancelled interview, the poor woman is in hospital and her boss is in another country. Pleased I feel no pressure knowing my temping is a security blanket at the mo. Am feeding my Starbucks addiction everyday as they are at the summit of the hill I climb at lunchtime to get into town. Is it bad to have coffee and sweet stuff as your vices?

grande 1 shot skinny latte x £2.35 x 5 days = £11.75 per week

Hmm, I don’t go out drinking at the weekend and don’t smoke so surely this is practically a money-saving exercise?!? Help me justify the expense, please!

First day work fun…

First day at my new temping post has been great. The American sales
manager is full of jokes and my mouth is starting to ache from all this grinning! My other colleague obviously keeps him grounded when it comes to doing some actual work. You know you have a great workplace when they nip off to wish someone happy birthday and bring you back a piece of cake by 10am, lovely mid-morning snacking!

Spent the day doing data input which was made all the more challenging due to the fact it was copying business cards written in Italian, German and Turkish to name but a few. I’m of the generation where at school, I could drop languages in my options and French was duly deleted from my curriculum. Even guessing if some of these people are male or female has been quite a challenge and don’t even get me started on the addresses!

The morning flew over and I popped into my agency to drop off my P45 (I’m doing it for the love and the money) but I managed to bring the bit I’m supposed to keep, doh! However, my agency lady did pop over to tell me that she had had a phone call this morning saying they really like me and there may be something else bubbling under the surface there. Blimey, no job success for weeks and then suddenly, I am loved. Now I think of it, I was told I would be introduced to the boss tomorrow as my interview lady  wanted him to meet me. And how’s this for a great agent? She told them I was only likely to stick around long-term for much better wages which they agreed, go temping agency go!

Starbucks just happens to be at the top of the hill I have to climb into town so it would be rude not to pay them a visit before lunchtime is over…!

Preparing for interview 1…

I was up early this morning to be ready for my interview with the company I could be temping for. I arrived with loads of time to spare as the traffic was kind to me on the way and, was prepared to face intense questioning about the organisation, having pored over their website last night. I was greeted by a lovely lady (who I assumed would be my interrogator) and she asked about my last job. As I proceeded to explain a bit about the company and my role there, it turns out my old boss used to work at this company and so they already knew everything about me!

I had never made the connection when my old boss talked about working near to where I live, but it’s a small world! Turns out my website cramming was to be untested as she explains what the role would involve and then asks me if I want to accept. I say yes and wonder if I can send a basket of ‘thank you’ muffins to my last boss, who has obviously given me a great reference (I saw it in an episode of ‘Friends’ once!)

Time off for another interview tomorrow is no problem either and I am wondering if a job quandary is about to appear in the next couple of weeks…