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Australia claims my Starbucks drinking buddy…

I got some really happy/sad news, in just over a week my lovely friend CB is emigrating to Australia. We’ve been friends for a relatively short period but every time we meet up at Starbucks, our chats literally go on for hours!

I admire her so much because she is brave enough to move thousands of miles away to start another chapter of her life. She is doing something I think I might want to do, but will probably never know if I have the guts to do it…

Lifestyle is a huge happiness factor; the sparkle in CB’s eyes when she talks about the last time she worked in Oz explains exactly why she’s going back. Of course it will be really difficult to move away from family and friends but with facebook, twitter, email and skype, it’s a long way from the days of keeping in touch with postcards and letters.

As a great fan of everything American, Other Half and I think we would like to move there and try out the work and lifestyle, at least for a year or two. It’s easy to think that now, knowing how difficult it is to actually get it (our chances are virtually nill) but in reality, could we really live so far away from the families we are so close to?

Back in the 60’s, my mam and dad both travelled to the bright lights of London from their homes in Sunderland and Devon, excited about who they would meet and what they would find. Their fearless nature led to a good few years of working hard and playing hard. Today’s version of London are places like America, Australia and even Dubai; you just need to work in the right kind of global company. There are opportunities out there, it’s often just a case of right time, right place… Maybe one day?