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Moving everything up north, down south…

Spent the weekend in County Durham loading all my worldly goods that have been stored in my parents house for the past 6 years. Although we left to get the van at 8.15 am on Saturday morning not far from home, traffic and diversions conspired against us and so we didn’t arrive up north ’til 3 pm. While Other Half went to my sisters to pick up the sofas, I had a mini freak out while surveying what needed to be packed and emptied from the loft. A frantic phone call meant an hour later my parents, sister and brother-in-law arrived and between us, got most of it done. As I had previously predicted, the transit van couldn’t take all of my stuff so another couple of car loads should fix that!

Our flat has been transformed into a home with the sofas in there and despite being surrounded with boxes, it’s amazing to be in our own space. Next step, eBay everything we can live without!

I used to be an old school car boot seller, but that does involve getting up very early and having nosey people routing about in your car! Ebay is the way to go these days I think, have you ever bought a bargain item on there for your new pad?