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At last – a job for love AND money!

After blogging wishful witterings about my job situation in September, my work life has turned round! I was offered a freelance contract until Christmas that was well paid, based at a company I’d worked with before and with people I loved. Just as I was signing up for that, another company got in touch to offer me an interview for a permanent job I had applied for 5 weeks before! It’s amazing what a difference a few days can make…

Fast forward to the end of November and I was once again having a farewell lunch with my work colleagues. They had agreed to release me early from my freelance contract as I’d been offered a permanent role… On 28th November, I started the next phase of my career, possibly in one of my dream jobs; Social Media Community Manager for a large retailer. 

One month on and I’m totally immersed in all things Facebook and Twitter. My friends can’t believe I get paid to be on Facebook all day, and it does sound kind of cool when you say it like that! The actual job reality is far more involved. My days are spent juggling expectations of many different departments who all want to flaunt their wares using these social channels, without understanding that our job is to build conversations within a community, not just flog them stuff!

It’s immersive, intensive and the long hours are ruining my plans to go to the gym after work each night! But I’m loving the challenge and looking forward to 2012 being a whole year of job satisfaction…

Is work about the love or the money?

Freelancing as a career can mess with your mind!

It’s great when work comes in a steady stream – I love meeting new people and being able to slot-in as part of their team, applying my skills to whatever industry they happen to be in (and believe me, these industries can be really random!)

When work slows down – I know all freelancers experience this, but after a short break you start to wonder: Will someone else hire me soon? Am I good at what I do? Should I start applying for permanent jobs?

I’ve had a little quiet time on the work front recently and I’ve thought all of the above. However, I’ve also done a couple of unpaid favours for friends during this time – a CV rewrite, some profiling and blog editing – and it reminds me that I’m good at what I do, so I mustn’t lose heart!

Although I’m freelancing, I’m also on the lookout for my permanent ‘dream job’ – I’m not 100% sure what it is, but I do know it will involve or be inspired by:
Social media
Girlie stuff

An eclectic mix I’m sure you’ll agree, but a spark from one or more of these favourite things will lead me to a brilliant role one of these days!

It’s not just about the money, it’s about the love of the job that’s really important to me…

Have laptop to hand, can blog at will!

It’s just over a year now since I was freed from the shackles of a full-time, nicely paid job, (the company decide to re-locate to stinky London so I didn’t follow) and, although it isn’t a decision I regret, I really did think I would be at the happy-and-carefree-slightly-better-paid-almost-dream-job stage by now…  

I’m a creative type of soul, be it through writing words or baking cakes (although words are proving to be a much more reliable source of output at the moment!) I have a lot of valuable traits to offer: hardworking, loyal, dependable plus the knack of writing a humourous or serious interpretation of the world around us. All I ask for in return is a fair salary, future prospects and interesting subject matter – lifestyle, travel, fashion, health and fitness – you would think these are broad enough areas to offer plenty of web content or copywriter jobs ‘down south’… seems not to be the case.

I’m re-reading one of my favourite chicklit books, I Heart New York. Quick synopsis: girl is cheated on by scumbag fiance, runs away to random hotel in New York, meets new best friend, moves into apartment, dates hunky men-types, falls into job as a blogger and makes New York her new home (the book doesn’t dwell much on the inconvenience of trying to get a green card..!)  

I’m not a greedy person, my Other Half is perfect and we rent a lovely house. All I ask out of that long dream list is to fall into an interesting blogging job… and if it could also involve dreaming about / visiting / moving to The States, then that would be a job of the real dream variety! Ok, so the USA thing isn’t a deal breaker if any online editors are reading this, just know that I’m open to international travel 😮

Well, that’s the enjoyable blogging part of my day done, time to get back to searching for something resembling the dream…