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A Very Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas tree, stockings and presents!

Our Christmas tree, stockings and presents!

Christmas was amazing!

Waking up on Christmas morning in our own place, opening presents and sharing breakfast was something we had dreamed of for almost five years. Other Half bought me an array of lovely gifts including Wii games (Just Dance, THE most fun ever!), pj’s, vouchers, loads of chocs and the biggest and best surprise of all – tickets to see Derren Brown. I leapt off the floor to hug him as I had not expected something so fantastic, he really has great taste in presents (although his ability to follow a budget is constantly challenged LOL!)

We drove 3 1/2 hours Up North for Christmas Day with my family and Other Half had a ‘shout out’ that I texted in read out on local radio, just to let him know how much I appreciate him, even the DJ said he sounded like a treasure! We ate an amazing meal cooked by my Dad, yes, he is a Chef by trade but the way he rustles up lunch for 11 still amazes me and we all worry about the day he feels too old to do this – the whole family has never known it any other way! 

We stayed overnight then drove back down on Boxing Day to spend the day with Other Half’s family – having two Christmas Days is really cool! After much swapping of pressies, great food and entertainment, we drove home and spent the whole of today relaxing, eating chocolate and cheese, watching TV in bed!

They say you have to experience bad times to know when the good times are. These three amazing days have re-affirmed to me how lucky I am to have so many people around who love me. Christmas can bring you a lot more gifts than you hoped for…


Have yourself a cheesey little Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve and we are both at home having finished work for the year. I had a quick run around the shops for the final time and then we cleaned the flat from top to bottom so we could wallow, guilt free, during our Christmas week off together!

Cheesetastic Tea!

Cheesetastic Tea!

We both love cheese and usually only eat low-fat mozzarella and Cathedral City Lighter cheddar for 11 months, 2 weeks of the year, however, tonight we are feasting upon all our favourites including smoked Applewood, Bavarian, Five Counties, Edam and most bizarrely of all, Sticky Toffee cheese (sounds so wrong yet tastes so right!) A selection of Cornish wafers, Butter Puffs, Ritz and Light Cream Crackers (there is always that bit of the calorie watcher in me!), and our tea time treat is ready for the eating… mmm, it was worth the year-long wait!

The first sign of Christmas…

Starbucks Christmas cup

Starbucks Christmas cup

For some people, it’s the toy adverts in September, for others, it’s the Coca Cola Santa advert but for me, the first real sign that Christmas is on its way is when Starbucks bring out their red cups! I can’t explain why a takeaway cup brings me such Christmas cheer, but there is something about it that looks cosy and warm and makes me want to drink coffee (full marks to the Starbucks brand awareness team!) And while I enjoy my daily lunchtime coffee served in one of these marketing marvels, I have a continued nagging from the ‘save the planet from disposable cups’ part of my brain. Throw in fretting over my exorbitant Starbucks coffee spending now that I’m a flat-renting grown up, it’s a conscience alleviating solution only my wonderful Other Half could solve! To reward me for beautifully decorating our Christmas tree, he bought me a Starbucks reuseable (RED) travel beaker. I was triple chuffed about this pressie as;

  • Starbucks (RED) cup
    Funky Starbucks (RED) cup

    A portion of the selling price goes to the (RED) Aids charity

  • It saves 5 of my takeaway cups going into landfill
  • It’s 25p cheaper to have coffee in your own stylish cup!

I was hoping to find one in my Christmas stocking, but it looks like I have been a good girl this year…

So what is the one thing you see, eat or smell that reminds you Christmas is on the way?