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Have yourself a cheesey little Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve and we are both at home having finished work for the year. I had a quick run around the shops for the final time and then we cleaned the flat from top to bottom so we could wallow, guilt free, during our Christmas week off together!

Cheesetastic Tea!

Cheesetastic Tea!

We both love cheese and usually only eat low-fat mozzarella and Cathedral City Lighter cheddar for 11 months, 2 weeks of the year, however, tonight we are feasting upon all our favourites including smoked Applewood, Bavarian, Five Counties, Edam and most bizarrely of all, Sticky Toffee cheese (sounds so wrong yet tastes so right!) A selection of Cornish wafers, Butter Puffs, Ritz and Light Cream Crackers (there is always that bit of the calorie watcher in me!), and our tea time treat is ready for the eating… mmm, it was worth the year-long wait!