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Egg-tastic treats come early…

Commercialisation of holidays in our society has gone mad! Christmas isles appear in September, Easter eggs and hot cross buns show up in January and, no sooner do the kids break up for 6 weeks holidays, then they advertise back-to-school uniform!

My moaning is linked to the fact that I have fallen for this propaganda and have so far eaten half an Easter egg in January, 2 whole ones in February and 1 whole one in March! What is it about a Cadbury’s chocolate egg that is so alluring? I’m sure if I worked it out, I end up paying more money for less chocolate but when I’m eating it, I don’t care. Once I have given in and bought the egg, getting it straight into the fridge is a must – I like that warm, melting feeling to start in my mouth, not on the side table while it’s waiting to be eaten. The crisp shell breaking off piece by piece gives an instant ‘mmmmmm’ factor and as much as I kid myself I’m only going to eat 1 half, I always succumb to the second (unless it’s a large egg and the I-feel-really-sick feeling kicks in first!)

Cadbury's Treasure Eggs

Eco-friendly eggs!

My weakness so far has been Cadbury’s Treasure eggs, a medium-sized, eco-friendly foil wrapped Easter treat that has no nasty plastic or cardboard to get rid of at the end. So, I manage to salve my environmental conscience yet, can’t shake off that potential waist expanding nagging in my head…

My name is Biscotti and I’m an Easter egg-a-holic… Would you care to join me? 😮