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Super-size, American style!

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my love affair with America – it’s the holiday destination of choice for Other Half and I (every year if finances allow!) One of the reasons we love going is to sample the different foods on offer but, one thing never fails to amaze us – the portion sizes are out of this world, but not in a good way!

Whilst in Florida, we visited Olive Garden – a popular Italian style restaurant chain. We went in for lunch and ordered a pizza for me and a pasta dish for Other Half. The waitress asked whether I wanted soup or salad and I politely declined either. She looked at me wide-eyed in shock and said, “But it’s free?!?” To keep the peace, I agreed to a salad and Other Half chose one of the 4 soups on offer. We had delicious warm, fluffy garlic breadsticks left on the table to occupy us while we waited.

Less than 10 minutes later, my super-sized salad arrived…
  Olive Garden Salad

I’m not sure if the photo conveys how big this 1 person salad is, but it’s no exaggeration to say I could have worn the bowl as a hat! We also heard from the customer behind us that the soup and salad can be replenished at no extra cost, as many times as you like. This is all before the main course has even arrived…

This is the norm in America. I often wonder what the Yanks think when they visit Britain – are they astounded that you have to order and pay for a separate starter? When the main course arrives, are they startled by the average sized portion?

I love America and its wonderfully hospitable people, but they are literally killing themselves with kindness…

Service with a smile… American style!

I’ve been lucky enough to holiday in the wonderful USA and was reminded once again, that somethings are just done best American stylie! The Yanks are well-known for their friendly and welcoming attitude and, while we British may laugh at some of their OTT mannerisms, they have a lot to teach us about great customer service.

I was putting my credit card limit to the test in a Florida outlet shopping mall and wandered into a shop called ‘Dressbarn’. There were a myriad of dresses that I just had to try on and within 10 minutes, I had 6 different styles in my arms, and had only looked round half the shop. The Assistant came over and asked, “Can I set a dressing room up for you Ma’am?” She then unloaded the dresses from me and whisked them into a changing cubicle while I picked up another couple of styles.

As I entered my dressing room, the Assistant noticed my current t-shirt / shorts / trainer combo, and offered to bring me shoes to try on with the dresses. It was service like I have never experienced before and this wasn’t an isolated case. It seems to be the norm that Shop Assistants ask if anyone helped you while you shopped and, if you found everything you were looking for.

American Shop Assistants are on basic wage, the same as many of their British counterparts, yet their attitude is so different. They seem to care that you have a good shopping experience and are always offering to help. Shopping in Blighty often makes you feel like you are a ‘nusiance customer’ when you interrupt the staff in mid-conversation to ask for another size or, enquire about a particular style and get the blanket answer “If it’s not out, we haven’t got anymore”. 

As work takes up so much of our life, surely a friendly smile and a dose of American can-do attitude would make all of our lives just that little bit sunnier..?

Thank goodness for thanksgiving!

I am embracing my (non-existant) American roots and am giving thanks for thanksgiving. Because of this holiday, I was able to stop the brain melting task of googling then phoning American companies (they are all off work celebrating) which means, drum roll please, that I was given something interesting to do at work! The show I’m working on has a website in great need of an overhaul and it turns out, I’m the woman to do it! So, for the last week, I have been doing something I love and the days have just flown by. It’s a reassuring thought that I can proof read a site about a subject I had no previous knowledge of and still be able to make suggestions, rearrange sections plus add the Biscotti stamp to it – I had forgotten how good it feels to get stuck into something you enjoy! I was really thorough (as only the perfectionist in me can be) and I think the Show Manager was both surprised and pleased with the amount of work I had done. As all the changes are made by another company, I shall be reading through the updated version with my tick list and red pen at the ready!

Of course the excitement of enjoying this is tempered with the fact that my usual mind numbing work task starts again on Monday… I just hope they have seen what I can do and are planning to give me more…

The Cheescake Factory is the door to heaven

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is another miracle of American cuisine. We went for dessert last year, only to discover it was a full-blown restaurant that served the full monty of courses and so we intended to make the most of it this visit. We walked through enormous doors into a large, high ceilinged room and were led past a glass cabinet full of mouth-watering cheesecakes and into our booth. The waiter asked the usual question about where we were from but instead of the usual “your accent is so cute” reply, he told us he was from Surrey himself. We exchanged a bit of chatter as he gave us the menus and horror of horrors, a

The Cheesecake Factory Calorie Menu

The Cheesecake Factory Calorie Menu!

booklet dedicated to the calorie content of the food we were about to eat – total madness! Apparently, the government is so worried about the obesity problem in America, any restaurant chain of 10 or more must provide nutritional information about the food it serves. “Very sensible” I say as a gym going, healthy eating pre-holiday person in the UK. “Yeah, whatever, I’m not ruining my appetite by discovering my recommended calories for the day are sitting in this piece of cheesecake!” is what I actually say as a sunbathing, eating out everyday on holiday person.

Orange Chicken and Burger with Fries

Orange Chicken and Burger with Fries

The menu is huge and included starters that can feed a family, running alongside burgers, fish, chicken, mexican and pasta main dishes that would suit even the fussiest of eaters (yes, that means me!) I plump for orange chicken with rice and vegetables, Other Half goes with the burger and fries. The waiter brings back a diet coke and a freshly squeezed glass of real orange juice (you never have to say “fresh orange juice” to them as they don’t consider there is any other kind) and some of the worlds most amazing tasting bread.

Heavenly Bread

Heavenly Bread

 If you were to look at it in all innocence, you could mistakenly presume it is made from chocolate looking at its gorgeous dark brown crusty exterior and matching soft innards. However, it tastes like a sweet, spongy piece of heaven that could make you cancel your mains so you could just feast on its loveliness. I asked the waiter what kind of bread it was and he simply shrugged and told me it was some kind of rye bread – he has obviously lived here too long and become blind to the amazing bread! Back at the hotel, Judy thought it sounded like pumpernickel so I will have my eyes open once I get back home!

Most Delicious Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on Earth

Most Delicious Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on Earth

The chicken and burger were delicious although we only managed part of the huge plateful given to us. We gazed at the list of cheesecakes available and decided to go simple and order the vanilla bean – it was a heavenly layer of crunchy biscuit base, vanilla cheese, vanilla mousse, vanilla cream plus extra fresh cream added for good measure. Every bite was a party in my mouth, so rich and creamy and delicious and well worth all those hours in the gym. By the time I got to the last four forkfuls, I had slipped into slow motion and wondered if I would ever be hungry again. At home, I wouldn’t think twice about leaving food on my plate when I felt full but here, my stomach refused to give into my brain and I ate the cheesecake but left the cream. Other Half was more sensible, leaving a little bit of both so that he didn’t explode. All in all, it was a fabulous meal which we repeated a week later only this time, we ordered cheesecake to takeaway with us which meant we tried a few… I can also recommend carrot cake cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and banana cream cheesecake! 😮

A Mesmorising Choice of Cheesecakes

A Mesmorising Choice of Cheesecakes

Have you tasted these Cheesecake Factory delights yourself or, do you think you have tasted better at home or on holiday? (I don’t know if I believe that you have!) Let me know as I am open to cheesecake recommendations throughout the world!

Food never tasted so good…!

Eating is one of our favourite things about being in America and this year was no exception: Ruby’s, a traditional old-fashioned American diner in town, El Mirasol the authentic Mexican a couple of blocks walk from the hotel and Manhattan in the Desert with its amazing bakery and 50% off all prices for the whole of September, all ranked in our ‘must visit’ list.

Davey's Hideaway

Davey's Hideaway

We also tried a few new places including Davey’s Hideaway, a 10 minute walk from our room. From the outside it never held much kerb appeal for us, the conservatory always looked like it was a bit lacking in atmosphere and was often empty early evening as we went out for dinner. We had heard rumours of fabulous steaks so decided to give it a try and we were in for a shock! We walked through the doors into a warm, candlelit and snug interior with a real pianist playing softly in the background, providing wonderful ambience. It was not at all what we had expected and I could see Other Half was immediately worried about the dress code in his smart yet casual polo top and shorts. The fact they didn’t turn us away at the door obviously meant a jacket and tie was not required to eat here, so we relaxed into our booths and perused the menu in search of the fabled steaks.

Whilst reading, I heard a little squeak from an unknown source and looked up but nothing caught my eye. Moments later another squeak and this time I realised it was Other Half specific. I looked at him and then my menu before the squeak was revealed… I had simply started reading about each dish on the menu – Other Half, as wallet holder had checked out the prices first! As my eyes fell onto the $32.95 filet steak I fancied, I understood the squeak! In my most reassuring tone, I reasoned we don’t eat out much (at those prices anyway) and so could afford a one off although I nervously checked he had brought enough funds (note to self: always carry some emergency money myself!) He had about $100 so didn’t need to wash up or do a runner at the end of the night.

The waitress came over to ask if we were ready to order and if we had read the special menu. We hadn’t and suddenly discovered that Monday to Thursday you could get a three course meal including the filet steak for only $23.95! What a turnaround! We both took advantage and I went especially wild ordering a glass of non-alcoholic wine. For once in my 34 year old life, I felt like a proper grown up at the dinner table and certainly must have looked like one without my ever-present orange juice or diet coke. The beef broth and Caesar salad starters arrived and my salad was huge. I had totally forgotten that entre means starter, not side dish, as I never like to waste valuable tummy space or calories on two savoury meals when a dessert is in the offing. The trouble is in America, wait staff look at you like you are a nutcase if you ask to miss out a course, the chef ends up getting confused and upset at our funny foreign ways so I to prevent this, I ordered Caesar salad without ever dreaming I would have to eat it. For a start, I don’t like parmesan and those leaves are covered in the stuff. My dinner plate sized pile of greens was put in front of me and so I ate the crutons and some leaves from underneath the main pile that had not be tainted by the smelly cheese. It was a token effort to get onto the steak.

Once our filets had arrived (medium rare for Other Half and well done for

Superb Filet Steak

Superb Filet Steak

me, yes, I’m sure the chef was weeping into his hat when he heard that), I sneaked a quick photo before tucking in. Although I don’t eat much meat, it was deliciously cooked along with the vegetable accompaniments. The dessert menu was short and sweet and I jumped in and ordered my first piece of Keylime Pie. Other Half, ever the gentleman, ordered Mud Pie so we could swap if I didn’t like mine, he knows the importance of good dessert in my life! A teeny, tiny square of pie arrived which was very limey and perhaps slightly disappointing after the lovely main course but when the bill only came to $69 including tip (originally the cost of just two filet steaks), it was a great end to a lovely night.

People, please turn off your phones!

Having landed in Dallas after a very long flight, we rechecked our luggage and went through security. I wonder if all British people look as comedic as us in the process – we smiled inanely at everyone in uniform (with or without a gun), in the hope of persuading them that we are a normal couple from Hertfordshire, there for a holiday while posing absolutely no threat to Homeland Security (every time I see that on a sign I think of Jack Bauer in 24!) As the guard (with a gun) at security asked us the purpose of our visit, I said “holiday” then immediately think I should have said “vacation” so as to appear as Americanized as possible. We have our fingerprints scanned and photos taken, Other Half is first and I can see him twitching at the camera wondering whether a smile is appropriate or not – he decided to plump for his serious-in-a-non-threatening-way face. My turn and I opted for the half-smile-no-teeth pose that I managed to get away with on my passport photo – the woman at the Post Office said it might not get accepted but someone must have been in a good mood that day and approved me. Coincidentally, I had also spent 2 hours and £75 getting my hair cut and coloured for that picture, as I was determined to look half decent on my passport for the next 10 years and, my efforts were rewarded!

It was 8.20 pm and we still had four hours to kill before we left for Palm Springs, so we roamed like nomads through shops in our terminal before discovering there was a skylink train which led to a whole world of other terminals. We headed for Terminal A, which was our departure point, and to our delight, discovered a huge array of shops and eating places that were previously unavailable in the last building. After walking miles we settled for a quick meal in Taco Bell followed by a cinnamon / sugar Auntie Anne’s warm, soft pretzel… this is always my favourite first real taste of America. I have a loyalty card from last year’s holiday that I got stamped, and great news, I only need to buy four more pretzels before I get one free! My heart screams “what a bargain” whilst my head reminds me that the scales would rather I pick up my reward within the next two years. Oh well, despite my love for forward planning, I will leave this one to fate!


Waiting to board in Dallas...

At 12.20 am we get on our second flight and I am tired and potentially cranky. Although we have been asked to buckle up and turn off all electronic devices, the woman opposite me is merrily playing away on her phone. This is not some rebellious teenager messing about, but a lady who looks to be in her 70’s and is flaunting the rules without a second thought. Now I don’t know if the pilot tells us to do these things simply as a precautionary measure or if it’s to stop the plane falling out of the sky, but I don’t want to find out by becoming a tragic news story! I am getting more and more agitated as we sit on the runway, and although I sit and stare at her in a disapproving manner, she never looks up to notice. I promise myself that as soon as we move an inch, I am going to lean over for a quiet yet firm word but hallelujah, she finally sees sense and turns it off. Relieved, I settle back and look out at the night’s sky only to notice sheet lightening in the distance and emergency vehicles, lights blazing, hurrying to the other end of the runway. The pilot announces that there will be a short delay with take off but just to sit tight and keep all electronic devices turned off. The woman then leans over to me and says, “should I sneak my phone on to tell people I will be late?” Is she kidding me? “NO YOU CRAZY OLD BAT, WE DON’T WANT TO DIE!” I shriek inside my head, but outwardly, I quietly tell her there is no need as it seems to be only a short delay. A minute later the Captain announces that adverse weather conditions in the East have caused planes to be diverted to this airfield and we are now in a very long queue for a take off time slot. BING! Woman’s phone is turned straight back on…

Palm Springs Concourse

Palm Springs Sonny Bono open air concourse

One hour late, we finally take off for the 3-hour journey to Palm Springs. We are both really tired at this point, but Other Half is always the gentleman – as my head keeps tipping forward off his shoulder, he sticks his finger in the middle of my forehead to keep me upright – now that’s love! Due to the crazy nature of time differences, it is 4.30 am our time yet somehow only 8.30 pm local time. As we step off the plane into the part open air Sonny Bono concourse, Palm Springs welcomes us with its warm open arms…

So, have you ever been on a plane with someone really annoying you? Have you ever witnessed any strange behaviour? (I once saw a man brushing his eyebrows and hair with a plastic knife!) Let me know what winds you up when you are on your travels! 😮

Can you ever get good aeroplane food?

Starbucks cup

Mmm... Starbucks!

I’m not really a morning person, and so the only time I wake up  at 5.20 am with a smile on my face, is the day I am going on holiday. We had given ourselves a 40-minute deadline before leaving and breakfast was first on the list (note to readers: it’s never to early for me to eat!) The bright lights of Heathrow welcomed us like a long lost friend and in double quick time, we checked in our bags and breezed through security. By 7.45 am we have a Starbucks in one hand and a pastry in the other – well, it had been two hours since our original breakfast!

We have a good couple of hours wander before boarding and taking off right on time. The excitement of being airborne is tinged with the realisation of a 9 1/2 hour flight time to Dallas in our two-part journey to Palm Springs. With this in mind, we both go down the inflight movie route – Other Half chooses ‘Terminator: Salvation’ whereas I opt for the lighter end and pick Jim Carrey’s ‘Yes Man’ based on my love for the original book by one of my favourite comedians Danny Wallace. Half an hour into the films, both our TV screens go on the blink and tell us to “try again later”. There is no need for any words as we both roll our eyes upwards and wish we were flying Virgin (as we did to New York), instead of American Airlines. Logistically, AA can get us directly to Palm Springs and Virgin can’t, so we just have to suck it up.

Aeroplane meal


Lunch arrives at 12 pm and the choices available for my third meal of the day look pretty good – chicken with tarragon or pasta and spinach, bread bun, salad, crackers and cake. After finishing, there is already a feeling we have moved onto American-sized portions. Movie time part two: ‘The Proposal’ for me and ‘Angels and Demons’ for him, we both manage to watch the entire films uninterrupted – yay! Afternoon snacks materialise in the shape of shortbread, cheese biscuits and mini toblerone, pretty sure they come onboard during the British leg of the journey! Some dozing and more film

Aeroplane pizza

Mmm... Pizza!

watching passes the hour to 7 pm teatime (also known as dinner or supper depending where you come from), and a doughy, very cheesy pizza, grapes and biscuits appear on our fold-down trays. My worry about starving on the plane is unfounded and my emergency hand luggage stash of mini cheddars / mentos / oat bars remain intact for the journey home.

For the final half hour of the flight, I stare out of the window, looking at the lush green fields of the Texan countryside below, marveling at how much it looks just like home – a slightly weird thought, as somehow I expect ‘America’ to look totally different than from where I’ve just come from. Ten minutes later and my American expectations reveal themselves in the form of hundreds of houses that almost all have their own swimming pool – immediately I wonder if we might ever move to this country and embrace that same lifestyle. Does my pre-conceived better quality of life equal a great house, own pool and lovely weather, or are we already living that dream being so close to our families? I am wondering a lot these days if a daring adventure in a foreign country would satisfy a recent feeling of wanderlust bubbling inside of me, or would it simply feel empty with our loved ones thousands of miles away..?

So, what do you think of aeroplane food? Is it one of the things you look forward to or do you take your own emergency snacks? Are there any special dietary requests that guarantee you a great meal? If so, please tell me the secrets! 😮

Are we nearly there yet?

I’m on my 5th pile of washing, the suitcases are in a random state of undress and the rain is pouring down outside – yep, it’s that magical post-holiday feeling you get after two blissful weeks away. Palm Springs has everything a Brit could want  – great weather (112 degrees was our hottest day!), amazing food, brilliant shopping plus the number one hotel in America, I kid you not! Trip Advisor is firmly entrenched as our holiday bible and if you add up all the hours we have spent on there in search of the perfect place, well, lets just say I hope to put that kind of time into organising my pension plan one day!

While wondering where in the world we should go for a holiday last year, I found the gorgeous boutique Desert Riviera Hotel with more great reviews than you could shake a stick at. Despite only having 10 rooms, they had a space for us last September and more unbelievably, we could actually afford to stay there. We went, we stayed, we loved it, we went back again this year. The only downside to having such a great time in one place is that it’s kind of ruining our plans to visit the rest of the world – well, at least the countries that don’t require injections to get into, have food that’s not too weird, have people who can speak some English – ok, ok, so I sound a little bit unadventurous but I do want to at least cross off more places in America than:

New York (although do plan to revisit!)

Palm Springs x 2

Holiday minatures

Holiday minatures - officially cute!

Having had six weeks of free time due to the lack of job situation before we went, I bored everyone (including myself) to death with the daily countdown and had plenty of time to do last minute shopping as well as the actual packing. Although I’m excited about going away, I always realise how much I hate packing when it comes to holiday time – it shouldn’t really take that long’ yet it always seems to drag on. One thing I do love packing though is miniatures, why do everyday objects look so cute in smaller packaging?!?

I managed to pack both suitcases light enough to include a smaller empty case inside one of our huge cases, knowing we are going to shopping mecca and would need plenty of extra space to bring goodies home! We were finally ready for the Monday morning 5.30am alarm to wake us up…

So, am I the only one who can be crazily excited about going away but hate packing at the same time? Please tell me your holiday quirks so I can feel a bit more normal! 😮