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Does my bum look big in padded shorts?

3/4, Baggy and Trail Liner Altura Padded Shorts

3/4, Baggy and Trail Liner Altura Padded Shorts

The world should be a comfier place now I own 3 pairs of padded shorts! Yes, I’ve entered the incredibly glamorous world of bike riding and these fashion forward statement pieces are amongst my newest purchases. It’s doubtful when wearing them that I’ll ask “Does my bum look big in this?” as blatantly, it does. However, I like to think my rounded posterior is more JLo-esque than nappy-esque, and can be happy in this ignorance as I don’t have rear view mirrors on my mountain bike!

Giro Skyla bike helmet

Giro Skyla bike helmet £34.99

My Giro Skyla bike helmet could also give rise to a quick snigger from non-bikers on first glance; it enhances my ears (fortunately, they’re not too big!), leaves tramlines on my forehead from the padding and, flattens my hair in ways straighteners could only dream off. Still, safety is the main priority as my head is worth looking after, so I’m just going to concentrate on whizzing past the smirkers on two wheels…

Endura Women's Rapido Mitts

Endura Women's Rapido Mitts £15.99

Least embarrassing are my Endura Rapido Mitts (known to non-bikers as fingerless padded gloves!) They give me a look of ‘she’s-a-proper-bike-rider’, as well as adding practical comfort. Although I could enter a whole world of bike specific clothing (shoes, socks, lycra leggings, tops etc) I think I’d better actually go out for more than one ride before I start investing…

My current mountain biking kit for beginners: 2011 Merida Matts 20-MD Bike, Giro Skyla helmet, Altura Ladies Trail Liner Cycling Shorts, Altura Ladies Ascent Baggy Cycling Shorts, Altura Synchro Baggy Short 3/4, Endura Women’s Rapido Mitts