Biscotti’s Dictionary

Although you can’t hear it as you read, some people say I have a bit of an accent and with that, comes words and phrases that I think are normal. Yet others have this strange, puzzled look on their faces as I am rambling on so I thought I would create a quick guide to talking proper like me! 😮

Cakey (‘cayk-eee‘) You don’t put it in a sentence, you just said it out loud randomly!

Dinner (‘din-ur‘) “It’s 1 pm, do you want your dinner?  Do you mean lunch?” North/South interpretation of a midday meal

Glebe (‘gl-ee-b‘) – “You put your top on inside out for work today? What a glebe!”

Grimbo (‘grim-bow‘) – “Did you just eat cheese from a can? Eeugh, you grimbo!”

Monkey’s Blood (‘mun-kees blud’) “Hello Ice-cream Man, please can I have a cornet with monkey’s blood and nuts?”. It’s not meant to be gory, it’s just what everyone called strawberry sauce!

Oh Man (‘ohhh maaaaaaaan‘) – as in “Starbucks has run out of coffee!”, response “Oh Man!”

Shuggy Boats (‘shug-gee bow-ts‘) “When we get to the fair, we can go on the shuggy boats?” Those little wooden boats are where you sit at either end and pull the rope up and down in the middle to make you swing

Tea (‘teeee‘) – “Its 7 pm, are you ready for tea? Do you mean dinner?” North/South interpretation of an evening meal

Yeah, Whatever (‘yair wot-eva‘) – Use as a reply when you can’t think of anything witty or amusing to fire back at someone

One response to “Biscotti’s Dictionary

  1. You have left out the classic – ‘I’d rather stick a fork in my eye’ one!

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