About Me

I originally started this blog after freeing myself from the shackles of permanent employment (and a regular wage packet), encouraged by my very understanding Other Half, perfect holiday host Judy and the fabulous book I Heart New York.
I was following the urge to explore a career based around writing and blogging and after much freelancing, landed my dream role in social media.

I probably still secretly wish I could be the British Carrie Bradshaw (although my feet are too big to ever be totally into the whole shoe thing), so maybe someone out there will read this and ‘discover me’ – it happens in books all the time you know! 😮

Vital Stats:

  • I’m a 38 year old British tall blonde – yeah, you may wish you had long legs but believe me, trouser shopping can be a right pain…
  • Born in Devon, raised in County Durham and currently living in Hertfordshire,  I am the North/South divide all on my own, (with a loud and proud North East accent!)
  • I live with my fantastic Other Half in our rented house. Living in his bedroom at his parents home (a temporary arrangement which stretched into a whole year) is now a distant memory!
  • I’m allergic to alcohol – after trying my best to drink like everyone else does, the Doctor confirmed I have an intolerance for all booze. Hooray for not drinking empty calories, boo for not ever being able to share a bottle of wine over dinner.

Important facts about me – I bruise like a peach, I don’t like gravy on my Sunday dinner, I travel 248 miles to get my hair cut and I love Starbucks grande 1 shot skinny lattes!

Well that’s me for starters, I’d love it if you’d throw in your own thoughts along this blogging way…

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