My resolution to beat the failure fairy…

I’ve pondered for a day about my non resolutions (because making actual resolutions just sets you up for failure!) and decided on a theme – holidays! We are off to sunny Florida at the end of March so I think even I have the stamina to keep up my good intentions for 3 months..! 

So, I pledge to myself and anyone else reading this, that I will:

  • Bodybrush my cellulite away (so the magazines tell me!) at least 3 times a week before I shower
  • Stop being so lazy when I get out of the shower and do a full body moisturise with my gorgeous Sanctuary Creme Souffle
  • Follow the online WeightWatchers eating plan to get rid of that final stone that every year, keeps me breathing in when wearing a bikini and hiding from the camera. I WANT A PROUD BIKINI PHOTO!

Ok, so it’s only 3 things for 3 months BUT SURELY, the best chance of success is to set yourself little challenges for a short amount of time? It will stop the failure fairy from visiting so soon…

Fancy joining me in my short ‘n’ sweet (non) resolutions? Let me know!


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