January resolutions – one year on…

How on earth can it be January 2011 already?!?

How have I managed to not write a single blog post in December?!?

Something has to change… and January is the month to do it! I had a sneaky look back at the resolutions I made (only to myself) last January, and am pleasantly surprised with what I found:

  • I’m going to get so fit I don’t have to breathe in when wearing a bikini on holiday – hmm, well I had a late surge in the last 10 weeks of the year when new job stress curbed my appetite and stripped off 10lbs…  this one is on the list every year for a reason I suppose…
  • I’m going to eat a more varied diet (we literally eat about the same 10 meals for the whole of last year) We did add some new meals to our diet and then ate those new same 10 meals for the whole of the year..!  
  • I’m only going to apply for jobs that really interest me so that I have a fulfilling career for the rest of my days Well, I did apply for that job in fashion that really interested me and now I’m in my-job-has-taken-over-my-life hell. Be careful what you wish for I guess!
  • I’m going to find a dentist and brave myself for the injections for my fillings in waiting I went to the dentist on numerous occasions last year and had many needles stuck in me with the aid of the stuff they rub on children’s gums – the Dentist said I was very brave 😮
  • I’m going toget ‘brave’ glasses (rimless is heading out, tortoise shell frames in!) Didn’t go the full tortoiseshell, but did choose lovely brown half frames that stand out and I love them!
  • See, this is why I only tell people about resolutions AFTER the event – you can just celebrate the victories and ignore the ones that didn’t work out so well! There is no point shouting your good intentions from the rooftops; everyone simply lies in wait, looking for the moment they can catch you out and any hard work you had put in, gets dismissed in an instant! 

    Time to get my thinking cap on for more (quiet) resolutions over the next 12 months…


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