Have laptop to hand, can blog at will!

It’s just over a year now since I was freed from the shackles of a full-time, nicely paid job, (the company decide to re-locate to stinky London so I didn’t follow) and, although it isn’t a decision I regret, I really did think I would be at the happy-and-carefree-slightly-better-paid-almost-dream-job stage by now…  

I’m a creative type of soul, be it through writing words or baking cakes (although words are proving to be a much more reliable source of output at the moment!) I have a lot of valuable traits to offer: hardworking, loyal, dependable plus the knack of writing a humourous or serious interpretation of the world around us. All I ask for in return is a fair salary, future prospects and interesting subject matter – lifestyle, travel, fashion, health and fitness – you would think these are broad enough areas to offer plenty of web content or copywriter jobs ‘down south’… seems not to be the case.

I’m re-reading one of my favourite chicklit books, I Heart New York. Quick synopsis: girl is cheated on by scumbag fiance, runs away to random hotel in New York, meets new best friend, moves into apartment, dates hunky men-types, falls into job as a blogger and makes New York her new home (the book doesn’t dwell much on the inconvenience of trying to get a green card..!)  

I’m not a greedy person, my Other Half is perfect and we rent a lovely house. All I ask out of that long dream list is to fall into an interesting blogging job… and if it could also involve dreaming about / visiting / moving to The States, then that would be a job of the real dream variety! Ok, so the USA thing isn’t a deal breaker if any online editors are reading this, just know that I’m open to international travel 😮

Well, that’s the enjoyable blogging part of my day done, time to get back to searching for something resembling the dream…


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