I have a dream… (I think?!?)

Ever had a random thought pop into your head that just seems to stick for no sensible reason?

I was watching a TV show about a bakery that had a Business Guru at their disposal, ready to turn round its dwindling profits but, the owner refused all advice. As the programme finished, it suddenly hit me what a great idea it would be to run my own cupcake business. Completely random – I don’t bake and I’ve never run a business BUT I love eating cake and have always been a creative type of bod: is this enough?!?

I couldn’t shake the idea so started looking at decorating courses and other cupcake specialists to see what is already out there. Inside, a voice whispered that I’m thinking of the impossible: you need a credible Dragon’s Den appearance for the start-up money needed, as well as weighing up all the many risks attached. But then, I came across a lady who started her own business from home with only £1,000 – I’d never even thought of doing it that way and so it seemed a fraction more possible.

I found some courses that offer basic baking skills and decorating, as well as tips for starting your own business. I started watching YouTube clips of amateurs and professionals doing their cupcake thang. I told Other Half and he has only laughed at me a couple of times (because this has sprung from nowhere and believe me, I know how crazy it sounds!) yet, he has already started looking at other peoples websites, sending me links to ones that are different or cool in some way and, bought me a cupcake making book.

Is this going anywhere? Who knows?

Should you ever follow such a crazy whim? Maybe!

Should you tell people about an idea that may fizzle out at any second? Probably not, yet for some reason, I seem to be telling the world…


4 responses to “I have a dream… (I think?!?)

  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Judy and I are here to say go girl and help however we can with your cupcake biz.

    Hope you and Dave are getting along alright. It is awfully lonely at the Desert Riv as we are in the scorching, feet burning days of summer.

    • Aww Stephen, thanks so much for your support, it really means alot to me! Going to bake and ice our first couple of flavoured batches this weekend to see how they turn out, fingers crossed. Even if it becomes a little extra on the side, it would be lovely to do something creative on a regular basis and maybe make a little money too!

      We miss all you guys at The Desert Riviera soooooo much… the sun is shining here too at the moment but it’s nothing like your weather. Don’t think we will get a holiday this year since my job fell through though, will have to flick through the photos from last year to evoke memories of beercan chicken and s’mores! Give my love to everyone, tell Judy I’m looking forward to those final look-at-me-now photos!!! xxx

  2. I have ideas all the time and only wish I could act on more of them. I like this cupcake dream, and I think you should defo give it some serious brain time with the view of it being a real potential….why not? I do think you should make a few batches of cupcakes though, just to check you actually like making them! Make sure you look into some kind of commercial food hygiene course as well, which includes info on the legal requirements when making and selling food items.

    PAW started off as an idea in my head that wouldn’t go away, and look what happened with that! Usually, if your instincts are shouting at you loud enough, it’s a sign to listen 😮

    • Just been out and bought some cupcake essentials, am giving them a go this weekend!! Going to try two flavours of sponge and icing, hopefully they wont ALL end up in the bin first time round!

      I have always fancied doing a sugar craft course in the past but I didn’t see any point because it was only really used on big wedding cakes at the time. Instead, I used to make creations out of saltdough and modeling clay and I made and sold bedrooms signs out of foam characters to fulfil my arty needs.

      I know it seems mad but I have always fancied running my own business (though I never knew what) and I love doing creative stuff so I don’t think there is any harm in giving it a go. I am also saying it outloud because people like you Katie, who are not afraid to give things a go, really inspire me to try myself! 😮

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