Watch out! Invisible temp about…

It appears that working as a temp also offers me the privilege of an undercover identity which, would be most exciting if that didn’t actually apply at work! I was incensed twice within 10 minutes today, the conversation went as follows (all names have been changed to prevent potential perpetrator embarrassment!)
The scene: I’m sitting quietly working at my desk when the IT Lady walks in and asks someone for Sabrina the Temp. She is pointed out on the opposite side of the room, so IT Lady walks over.
IT Lady: “You wanted a link?”
Temp looks up: “Sorry?”
IT Lady (slightly abrupt): “You wanted a link or something?”
Temp: “Sorry, I don’t understand?”
IT Lady: “Sabrina?”
I look up and realise IT Lady actually wants Sabrina, a different temp, who is sitting opposite her, talking to someone.
Me (light-hearted, friendly tone): “IT Lady, if you need Sabrina, that’s her there.” (I point)
IT Lady (looking around the office with slightly mad eyes and a definite accusatory tone): “Well I don’t know who any of you are!”
How rude, I thought to myself.
Not 5 minutes later, I went to find the lady who gives out car park keys as there is a space for me on Monday.
Me: “Hi Key Lady, the receptionist sent me to see you to get a car park key for Monday.”
Key Lady pulls a face: “Why, oh why me? How long for?”
Me: “Just for Monday, there is only one spare space next week.”
Key Lady: “Mumble grumble, well that’s a lot of messing about for one day, I wish she hadn’t sent you to me.”
Me (wondering how complicated the key process is): “Should I go to someone else?”
Key Lady: “No, I’ll do it.”
Key Lady stands up and walks 4 steps to her cupboard, unlocks it, takes out bag of keys and hands me a piece of paper.
Key Lady: “Write your name and the date on there, you have to sign it out then back in again.”
Me: “Ok.”
Key Lady: “Are you a temp?”
Me: “Yes.”
Key Lady: “Can you write temp next to your name, it’s just that I don’t bother to get to know anyone who isn’t permanent!”
Me (through gritted teeth): “Thanks! I will bring it back on Tuesday.”
Is it just me?!?


5 responses to “Watch out! Invisible temp about…

  1. Wow. That’s a nasty corporate culture! I hope you’re not needing to get on there permanently.

    • Well that’s the thing, I love working there as 98% of the people are really lovely!
      It’s just that little comments like this that make you feel like a bit of a second class citizen..!

  2. Well done you for keeping your cool. I am not sure I could have contained myself. Jeez. Some people!

  3. Wonderful and I can see the faces before me!!! x

    The IT descriptive could also have included footwear!!

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