Two hermit crabs need new shell to rent..

Having lived with Other Half in his bedroom at his parents house for a year and then, after finally finding our own flat, 6 months down the line we are on the move again! Our landlord decided to invoke the 4 month clause in our 12 month contract and tell us he was selling up. Not ideal, we thought but, it might take a while to sell so no moving hurry – 1 week later it was sold to the little old lady who got the first viewing! Oh well we mused, 2 months is plenty of time to find a place to live that has parking for 2 cars…

With 16 days left before we were living on the streets, we finally found a newly renovated house in a small village (very countryside!), with car parking for 2. It was a close thing; all 3 couples who first viewed it put in rental offers but, we snatched victory with our eagerness and availability to start paying rent the very next weekend.

So now we face the joy of packing up all our belongings once again, and making ourselves at home, in someone elses house…


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