How to experience a completely legal high…

OMG (and I never say that!) but somehow, I managed to run 5k all in one go!

It was only on Friday just gone, that I had celebrated achieving a private milestone of running for 28 minutes without stopping. As it was outside, I had no idea how far it was in distance but, the voice prompts of the Get Running app spurred me on to reach my brand new time goal. After a couple of rest days, I started the new 5k programme Nick the Trainer had given me and, he wanted me to run 4k all in one go. “But how?” was my question when he presented the challenge, I had never run more than 3.2k in one go before and, was always ready to die by the end. He advised me to run at a slower pace than usual and walk some of it if needed, just to get to the end of the distance. So with this in mind, instead of my usual 7.6km per hour treadmill speed, I went down to 6.6km per hour and plugged my headphones into an old episode of Friends…

As I approached 28 minutes, I couldn’t believe I still felt comfortable compared to that same time on Friday’s run (and believe me, I run even more slowly outside!) I sensed a bubble of excitement inside me that I could run 4k in one go. Although looking red and sweaty on the outside, my breathing was steady and the DREADED STITCH had still not arrived at this point. I got to 4k and adrenaline kicked in, I still felt great and started to hallucinate that I had super running powers; it ticked over in my mind that mildly boasting about running 6 or 7k would be even more impressive. Luckily, the running fairy heard my crazy thoughts and brought me stright back into reality – the DREADED STITCH kicked in, I was breathing much heavier and, continually looked at the distance as I willed that 5k to greet me.

At 48 minutes, I had completed my first non-stop running 5k. I was so happy that I couldn’t stop grinning! I rushed over to tell Nick the Trainer and, he was able to confirm in his official trainer capacity, that the daft look on my face and, inability to stop hopping around on the spot meant I was experiencing a true runner’s high…


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