Note to self: sign contract before celebrating…

After the fantastic high of verbally being offered my ‘dream job’ as a Web Editor 5 weeks a go, my spirits now resemble a brightly coloured helium balloon that has slowly started to wrinkle and deflate, hanging there with hope that it may become its former robust, skys-the-limit self. The reason for this is I still have no contract, nothing in writing whether paper or email, not even a quick scribbled note on the back of a beer mat – nada!

 The delays have arisen, so I’m told by agency girl, because;

a) They thought the whole cv sorting/two-step interview process would
take 6-8 weeks. As I also had another potential job lurking, they turned the whole process round in a couple of weeks to get me

b) The guy currently in post has ‘contractual issues’ which have been in the process of being sorted out since I got the offer

I’m constantly reassured by agency girl and the guy who hired me that I am ‘perfect for the role’, would ‘fit in well with the team’ and ‘they really don’t want to lose me’, despite the inordinate amount of time it is taking for me to be issued with a contract. I put up with these assurances for 3 weeks, no longer wanting people to ask, “When do you start your new job?” as I genuinely wondered whether I actually had a job anymore. During this time of doubt, I was contacted by another agency girl with a potential PR/Copywriters role within a lifestyle brand for 12 months. Mentally cheered by the fact people think I’m still worth offering an actual contract to, I read the job description and asked her to put me forward for it.

At this point, I thought it would be useful leverage to use with (as I now lovingly refer to it)  ‘fake job’ agency girl; she could pass on the fact that other people were contacting me as this is what had got them moving so fast originally. I told her the next time she called and it had the desired effect(?) that a whole week later, she came back with a potential solution: would I do freelance there while the contractual problems got sorted? I said I would consider it as long as the hourly rate matched the offered salary and off she went to present her findings. The same day, PR job agency girl called to say they want to see me for interview and would ring with dates the next week. On Friday, potential interview dates for 28th April and 4th May were sent to me with exact times to follow on Monday, still no word from ‘fake job’ agency girl about the freelancing.

Being incredibly truthful, patient and more than a bit fed up at this stage, I emailed PR agency girl to say her job had evolved from potential leverage into front-runner, if the interview went well and the vibe felt right (I honestly believe the interview is as much for your benefit as it is theirs when it comes to checking each other out). So it’s a question of once again becoming that enthusiastic, brightly filled balloon of energy that people want to hire, contract and all..!


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