Overcoming the 5k barrier…

I’m faithfully following my 5k running plan and at the gym last night, I bumped into Nick the Trainer. He asked how it was going and I proudly told him that I had my first outdoor jog under my belt! I also told him I felt that I wasn’t really improving very much as I get to 3k and, can’t wait to stop. (Thinking about it objectively of course, I have improved as I didn’t use to be able to run 1k without stopping, but that’s the perfectionist in me!) Nick the Trainer suggested it was time I got over the psychological barrier of never having completed a 5k and, should come in and do an exclusive session on the treadmill, jogging and walking as needed to complete a full 5k. With this idea firmly planted in my head, we parted company and despite having already done my weights, I decided I would have a go at the full distance.

I had previously been running 3 x 1k with a 2 minute walk in between each km, so I thought I would see how far I could stretch that. I did a warm up walk for 0.2k, ran the first km and walked for 0.2k, repeated this a second time, ran the third km and walked for 0.25, ran the fourth km and walked for the final 0.15k – in 40 minutes I had walked and jogged my first 5k!

It turns out that Nick the Trainer knows his stuff! Although my plan is to be able to run the whole Race for Life 5k without stopping, just knowing that I can complete it in one gym session was another huge confidence boost. Tonight, I went for my second ever outdoors jog and the 20 minutes constant running wasn’t quite as painful as the first time round. As I completed my 5 minute walking cool down, a strange thought entered my head: I think I might actually start to ENJOY running in the very near future..!


One response to “Overcoming the 5k barrier…

  1. Your determination and persistence with your 5K training just simply is amazing.
    I feel so honored that I opened my email today to find that you have written the most wonderful poem for me. I am so very very touched. I just met with my friend Connie for a brainstorming meeting about how best we can use our mutual weight loss stories (now totaling over 370 pounds between the two of us!!) to help others and stay in focus with our new lifestyles. Thank you so much. I mean it.. you are amazing!!

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