Pounding the pavements for the first time…

After singing the praises of Nick the Trainer to my Other Half, he decided to book in for a session to try to sort out his problematic running gait. It was during this time, Nick the Trainer asked him if I had been doing 5k training programme no 4 – running outside for 30-40 minutes. Other Half laughingly told him I had only done the outside running programme from inside of the gym on the treadmill and, proceeded to relay the conversation to me when he got home that night. Feeling slightly shamed at this truth and worried about letting Nick the Trainer down, I decided that Monday was the day to try it out…

I usually go to water aerobics at the gym on a Monday lunchtime, so I decided I would leave early and jog there instead of driving. The route is pretty flat, snaking through an industrial estate so I wasn’t battling rolling hills on my first go. I was however, carrying my gym bag full of swimming gear and despite the padded straps being on the tightest setting, it bounced around like a hyperactive child on popping candy! I quickly got hold of the excess loose straps and tied them together in front of me to make the bag more fitted to my body and, this really helped give some stability. I also used my Get Running app to give me verbal updates about how long I had been running for, I needed all the motivation I could get when I couldn’t see time or distance ticking away like I do on the treadmill.

Straight away I found that I run more slowly outside, it turns out that when I don’t have a rolling pace to keep up with, my own pace is even slower! This proved to be advantageous in the dreaded stitch arena – I didn’t get one for the whole run, yay! BUT, it made absolutely no difference to the time it took for my tomato coloured jogging face to arrive i.e. within about the first 5 minutes! Despite the goal being a 30 minute jog, I could only manage 20 minutes and thought it wise to sit down outside of the gym for 10 minutes, in an effort to reduce my face from scarlet to a more palatable fire engine red…

The pool had never been so welcome, despite a 45 minute session of water aerobics in front of me and a 40 minute walk home afterwards. As I started to sink down under the cool water, I swear a little bit of steam came off my rosy cheeks!


3 responses to “Pounding the pavements for the first time…

  1. Inspires me to want to get out and hit the tarmac !! If only my feet would let me!

  2. Glad to hear your still getting some life from the Get Running application now that you’re up to running for half an hour 🙂

    You could also take a look at Run Keeper Pro (not our product, I just think it’s good). The pro version will let you program your own intervals, so you can get verbal feedback that way (I think it will also do distance intervals too).


    Benjohn (Get Running developer).

    • Hi Benjohn,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment and also your tip! I had already started training before I came across Get Running, but the 1 run a week I do outside is much more pleasurable with the feedback from the app! I have read mixed reviews about Run Keeper so I’m going to try out the free version for now, I was also considering a garmin watch and it would be sooo much cheaper to get the app!

      Keep developing, surely Get Running 10k is round the corner..? If there is anyway to accurately record the distance, that would be amazing!

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