Final 5k training programmes…

So, feeling invigorated at the start of each new workout and shattered by the end, I tried out programme 3 on my 5k training schedule:

Treadmill  20 mins of hill intervals at a constant speed

Weighted Lunges  2 x 20

Swiss Ball Alternate Leg Raises  3 x 20

Seated Row Machine  3 x 12

V-sit Twists  3 x 20

Rower  400 metres

Hmmm, rolling hills on the treadmill?!? That’s seemed a bit adventurous when I am only just managing to jog any sort of distance on the flat, so I approached this with much trepidation. I only put the hill programme on level 1 which meant the incline didn’t rise any higher than 3.5 (3.5 what, I’m not sure but it was enough for me to cope with at this early stage!) I wish I could tell you it wasn’t as bad as I feared but, I found it tough and got the dreaded stitch earlier than usual. I managed to do a bit of mind of matter and spurred myself on to get to the end, even though I kept wondering why on earth I’m doing something that doesn’t come naturally to me at all…

Programme 4 is simply this;

Outdoor Running for a minimum of 30 mins, including 8-10 x 30 second sprints every few minutes, building up to being able to maintain a constant run for 40 mins.

So far, I have done this outdoor running programme once, in the gym! I know, I know, it appears as if I’m slightly crazy because;

a) Race for Life is outside in a park

b) The park is not completely flat (mores the pity!) and I need to be able to run up gentle gradients

But what can I tell you? I’m a beginner and taking all this running stuff 1 training day at a time, this includes only exposing my tomato coloured jogging face within the safe confines of the gym for now..!

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