Next 5k training session…

Having started and survived the first of my new 5 km training programmes, I thought it was time to give programme 2 a go:

Single-leg Press  2 x 10

Adductor Machine 2 x 10

Abductor Machine 2 x 10

Treadmill  3 x 1 km with 3 minutes recovery walk between sets

Ascent Trainer  20 mins on rolling hills programme

Swiss Ball Crunches 3 x max

Let me tell you now, single-leg presses are a lot harder than you would imagine! It seems logical that if you can push 40 kg with 2 legs, then you simply half this weight for single leg pushes. Maybe I am just a complete wimp but I couldn’t push more than 12 kg with 1 leg! The weight machines are programmed so that if the stack of weights touch, it assumes you are at the end of your set, not that you simply need a few seconds rest from the heavy weight counterbalanced by your foot! Therefore, I find I have to go slightly lighter to make sure I can do all 10 presses in the set.

The best thing about this programme is the 3 x 1 km runs with the 3 minute walk in between. Although it’s difficult, the short recovery walk meant I didn’t get a dreaded stitch, (ALWAYS the worst thing about running for me!) and I was able to run each kilometer without stopping. This is a huge confidence booster and makes me feel that running a full 5 km is actually in my future grasp..!


One response to “Next 5k training session…

  1. You have to have a little patience!!!

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