Training for my first 5k run…

Well, after much pondering about whether to sign up for a 5k run or not, I decided to just get on and do it! I’m all signed up for the Cancer Research Race for Life on 18th July and, full of nervous enthusiasm, started the first of my 4 new gym training programmes – Programme 1;

Swiss Ball Squats  3 x 15 reps

Hip Bridges (Alt Leg Extensions)  3 x 20 reps

Swiss Ball Roll-Outs  3 x 5 reps

Chest Press Machine  3 x 12 reps

Diverging Pulldown Machine  3 x 12 reps

Treadmill  20 min run inc 5 x 1 min sprints

Wave Machine  5 mins

Nick the Trainer was on hand to check my posture during each exercise although thankfully, he left me alone when it came to the treadmill. My face gets redder with every minute I’m on there and, I resemble a very ripe tomato at the end of 20 minutes! I was worried about the sprinting element as I cannot emphasise enough that I ONLY JOG, I DON’T RUN, but it turns out that 1 minute sprints are just about manageable for a beginner. Although I spent a good 10 minutes stretching at the end, the next day I ached in places I didn’t even know existed! 

Ah, the pleasure and the pain of a brand new gym routine… I’ll let you know how the training progresses!

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