Playing the waiting game…

So, I’ve had both interviews and am currently dangling, waiting for the decisions that will shape my long-term job future (and chances of us affording a holiday this year!)

The first interview for the specialist retailer went well although in 35 minutes, I only spoke in total for about 5 mins, (if you know me then you are currently thinking this is very unusual!) It was not the “Give me an example when…” type of interview I expected, it was more that my potential boss was laying down exactly what would be expected of the new person in post, warts and all. The emphasis was on managing people effectively, being flexible when relying on others to submit work and making sure you hit your deadlines, no matter how much extra (unpaid) hours and work you needed to do. It sounded very much like my last marketing job where there was no work/life balance and I turned into a pretty rubbish girlfriend – no time to exercise, eating on the go, early mornings/late finishes, health problems… the list goes on and no amount of money can replace time for yourself and your family. Although this interview was first, it quickly became my second choice of job…

The second interview with the fashion retailer was totally different. We met in a cafe and had a 40 minute general chat about what the job entailed and the changes envisioned when the new person moves into post. I had taken a portfolio of work with me which he read through and in exchange, he showed me projects that are currently underway for Easter promotions. We exchanged thoughts and ideas about the job and at one point he said, “I think you would fit in very well” which made me think, don’t say that if you don’t mean it lol! 

I’m expecting a call from both agencies this week so all I can do now is play the waiting game…


One response to “Playing the waiting game…

  1. Now I feel like I am dangling.. waiting to hear.. their replies… Sounds very promising.. and I am hoping for you that the second position.. becomes your “new” chapter. Best of luck my friend… vacation calls!!

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