Timing and decisions…

Amongst all the drama happening back Up North, a job interview has finally reared its hopeful head. Originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago but rearranged twice due to sickness of the interviewer, it is booked in for 8 am this Wednesday (eek!) It’s a long-term temping role which involves doing the kind of work I like to do, carries a great salary and offers stability for the next 12 months. Needless to say, I would really love to get it! However, another permanent role (great salary, stuff I really want to do, PERMANENT!) was advertised last week on Wednesday night which I applied for, got a phone call on Thursday to register with the agency and a first telephone interview on Friday! I have a second interview set up for next Monday and potentially, a dream scenario of 2 job offers… or a nightmare of 2 interviews, no job offers!

I have been determined to stick to my resolution that I will only apply for permanent jobs that I really want to stay in but, if I get a job offer this week for the year-long post, how do I balance that against stalling for time to see how the second interview works out? It’s a dilemma I’m dreading but  really hoping to face over the weekend, time to book in for an advice/lunch session with friends…


One response to “Timing and decisions…

  1. You will do great at both interviews. The fear is normal. I am certain the timing will fall into place, and that you will make the right choice, as they will as well. Either would be lucky to have your talent.

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