Love is…

Today, Other Half and I are celebrating our anniversary of 5 years together. This has been no mean feat considering we lived at opposite ends of the country for the first 3 and a half years and, only saw each other every other weekend and holidays. We were early pioneers of potential-couples-meeting-on- the-internet, not on a dating site but in one of AOL’s random chatrooms – there we were, silentdave26 and choccybear who were just destined to meet! (He got his screen name from a film and mine evolved from being sweet as chocolate, cute as teddy bear – stop laughing, everyone has some sort of secret identity online these days!!) As is completely characteristic of our relationship today, he was hanging around quietly in the chatroom while I made the first approach with my incredibly well thought out starter conversation, “Hey, why so quiet?” (see how I played on his screen name?!? And yes, cheesy I know!) It was enough to get the ball rolling and we chatted for hours. As he seemed pretty normal (you can only get a feel for these things!), we exchanged emails during the week and arranged to meet online at 10pm the following Saturday night. We talked non-stop for almost 7 hours, it was 4.50am when we finally signed off early that Sunday morning. Our screen names had a little cartoon character to represent us which would start to laugh when you typed ‘lol’ or frown if you included :0( in your text. After several weeks, my parents asked me to close my bedroom door when I was online as the incessant laughter from my cartoon owl (and indeed me!) was driving them crackers!

Our constant emails became our love letters, moving onto phone calls and
meeting in person for the first time, 5 and a half months after first chatting. The inital meet was far more stressful for our friends and family – my parents thought he would bury me under the patio, his parents thought I would steal their silver and my friends insisted I send them coded texts to prove I was still alive (every text had to start chocolate hobnob!) I flew down for our first (or last) make or break week together and it was fantastic, he had put lots of small romantic touches here and there which showed he had listened to things I had said, (always attractive to a woman!) and generally made an effort to make it a special time. 6 weeks later, he came up to me just after my birthday and we exchanged our first “I love you’s…’

The distance was frustrating for so long but the snatched weekends were always worth the wait. In a relationship, I have never been so relaxed, had so much fun or, have been so loved just for being me. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m living for the here and now and loving our life together…

So, in your experience, do you think a long distance romance is worth
sticking around for?


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