Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…

… a receptionist! My new temping agency set me up with the booking and I’m sure like me, (unless you have ever worked a switchboard), you think it looks easy from the outside. Step into this world however, and it changes the way I will speak to receptionists in the future! I was lowered very gently into the role by a lovely lady who showed me the basics and let me start when I felt ready. Funnily enough, the thing I hate most about starting a new job is answering the phone as I’m always sure I won’t know what the person on the other end is talking about!

I waited nervously for the first call and sure enough, it came through. The first thing to note is the line number but as I do that, the caller reels off the name, company and person they want to speak at such speed, it’s almost impossible to write quickly enough. Throw in an accent of any description and my brain processor goes crazy! Then, I need to find them on the contact list, dial through and try to re-read my scrawl back to them. If they are not in, I take a message and send them an email but of course, in the middle of all that, the phone rings again. Then suddenly everything goes quiet and just as I’m drifting off into thought, it starts all over again..!

The people sitting around me in the office are all friendly and one even shares a similar accent as she too is originally from the North East. Us Northern foreigners are like meerkats, as soon as we hear a familiar accent, we perk up out of our chairs, trying to sense where it’s coming from so we can bond in our own special way. As the company is situated on an industrial estate on the outskirts of town, my usual lunchtime visit to Starbucks wasn’t an option and somehow, the lure of Morrison’s cafe round the corner  just doesn’t hold the same appeal..!

In one of my quiet moments, I check my email and have one from my old temping agency telling me I have 2 weeks work back at the business show, looks like the potential work rumours yesterday were true…


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