Work at last…

January was a long, painful month workwise – apart from the disastrous 3 day unpaid stint at the potential job of my dreams, temping has been thin on the ground and for the first time, I had to use my savings to pay my share of the bills – ouch!

Despite having joined 2 temping agencies, the work on offer so far has been unsuitable; 2 months shredding documents and packing boxes in a room on my own, portacabin hire for 6 months with a view to permanent (not exactly in my dream job category) and a 4 week placement in a call centre doing shift work. I know temping is a random source of work but is it really so tricky to pick up some 9-5 office work?!?

Fortunately, my February has started on a brighter note with 2 days temping back at the business show I was with before Christmas and, 2 days at a brand new one. It’s lovely revisiting the old place as although the original job was crashingly boring, the people are great and they all seemed genuinely pleased to see me again :0) After 2 hours back, there are already potential job murmurings for me over the next few months, but having carried all my eggs in this companies basket before and being disappointed, I appear interested but non committal. That’s the thing about temping, you never know what’s round the corner…


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