Getting back into the old (exercise) routine…

While waiting for the temping / permanent job of my dreams to come along, I thought it’s about time I got back on the fitness wagon! Last week, I’m sure the gym trainers nearly died of shock when I actually turned up to work out. I was close behind them as I logged into my workout programme and saw my last session had been on 11th October 2009 – hmm so I hadn’t exactly taken a ‘Christmas break’ from the gym..! 

There were 3 messages waiting for me, sent by my appointed trainer which basically read ‘I notice you haven’t worked out for a few weeks! Do you need a new programme? You haven’t worked out for a while, take it easy during your first few sessions to avoid injury! Do you need a new programme? Don’t forget, if you need encouragement or a new programme, contact me!’ Ok, ok I get the hint, it’s time to get back into the old routine!

Half an hour on the treadmill and I felt a bit sick. A token 20 reps on the Lat Pulldown and a few sit-ups wrapped up my first session. Just before I left, I jumped on the scales to assess the damage of Christmas excesses – many, many chocolates, cheese, crackers, no exercise… the scale showed I am 12 st 4 lbs (with shoes on, very important detail!) and the last time I got on in October after my hols, (I don’t believe in weighing yourself regularly, go by the feel of your clothes), I was about 12 st 2 lbs, so not a bad result after 2 months off the exercise and many tasty treats consumed over the festive period!

Since then, I’ve managed 3 water aerobics classes and 3 gym visits, I’m hoping this means I’m firmly back on the exercise bandwagon because it’s so easy to roll back off…


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