Risk more than others think is wise…

Some would say I give up too easily, others say I was brave to follow my heart (well, that’s what my loved ones said!), but I have left my new job.

An interesting conversation with the youngest, bubbly and slightly naive employee confirmed a few things to me. She was also promised a ‘huge variety’ of things she would get involved in when actually, all she has been doing is the same basic data entry for the past 3 months on poor wages. At least half of the staff haven’t given in a signed contract, at Christmas time they were due to be paid on Christmas Eve but the boss ‘forgot’, the usual finishing time actually is anywhere between 6 pm – 7.30 pm everyday, despite only being paid ’til 5.30 pm and this can run much later when an actual deadline is around the corner. She admitted feeling guilty, leaving at 5.40 pm despite a 2 hour drive home and the only reason she stays in post is because she felt she had something to prove to her parents (i.e. she could stay in this job until she finds another to move in to).

I wrote a difficult email and told a little white lie. I said I had had an interview and had been offered a short-term contract on a higher rate. I told him I couldn’t rely only on the ‘possibility’ of a pay rise (no white lie there!) and put my 3 days work there down to ‘experience’ i.e. no pay! Then, I registered back at my employment agency and made an appointment to join a second – I want to pick up some temping asap.

Thankfully, my wonderful family fully support me as I was dreading having to tell everyone that it hadn’t worked out in such a short space of time. It may seem like small, inconsequential reasons, but I know I have done the right thing…


A week later, I had an interesting email from the friend who had recommended me. Before I had chance to tell her the real reason I left, she had recommended another friend to join the business. On her first day, apparently the boss came into work hung over and still slightly drunk from the night before. After giving her some work to do that she was unfamiliar with, he blew up at her and she left work at the end of the day, never to return. Always trust your gut instincts, even if it makes you seem slightly mad to others around you..!


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