Should you follow your gut instinct?

Day 2 of my new job and well, it’s going ok – did you notice my slight hesitancy there? You know when you have that funny feeling about something that doesn’t seem quite right but it doesn’t really seem big enough to mention? Well, I have that feeling about work.

When it comes to our 1pm lunchtime, nobody moves. It doesn’t appear that everyone has suddenly tuned their PC’s to Facebook or Twitter, judging by the work calls still going on around me as well as furious email writing. There is the sound of food rustling at desks so eating on the go is obviously the norm. I of course, have a seat with my name on waiting for me at Starbucks but it feels really awkward to be the only one to leave my desk and vacate the building for that precious hour not spent staring at a computer screen. However, even the hour seems to be ‘flexible’ as I was told that it is usual to start lunch late but always to finish it by 2pm.

The 5.30pm finish time arrived yesterday and nobody batted an eyelid. By 5.40pm, despite it being my first day, I took the initiative and slowly wrapped up in my winter woolies to show I was going. Throw in a 5 minute chat about parking and I still felt guilty about being the first to leave, 15 minutes after we finished! I am more than willing to do my fair share of late finishes when deadlines are approaching but instinct tells me this is the everyday norm. This doesn’t bode well in the life/work balance plan and it’s difficult to rally against the flow of the office. We are only a staff of 6 so it’s impossible not to notice the 1 (new) person who actually takes a lunchtime and tries to leave at hometime. Throw in general conversation about a lack of an actual contract, late or no appraisals (which I was told at interview my future decent wage rides on) and it makes you wonder.

Hmmm, am I being too picky or has experience finally taught me to take notice of the small details and follow my gut instinct?


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