A job with long-lasting potential?

Five days ago, I told you that one of my ‘non resolutions’ was to only apply for jobs I am really interested in, in the hope I can find a long-lasting, fulfilling career.

I think I might have accidently found it!

A referral from a friend got me an interview at 6pm last night. By 6.45pm, I was being offered a job at a small, local publishing company. On paper (or should I say online?!?) it sounds potentially, like it could turn into the job of my dreams. Initially, I’m going in to do some data crunching (never the most fun you can have in the office) but this will be mixed with seminar bookings, collating directory info, a bit of editing here, a pinch of copy writing there… It’s a small business with big ideas and is intent on expanding its products and staff this year.

I’m quietly excited on the inside but for once, am appearing cool and calm about it on the surface – lets see how this three-month trial goes. It also shows that you should leave every position on a good note as it can be a very small world in the job market…


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