Just say NO to New Years resolutions!

I hate New Years resolutions!

Why? Because the moment you say something rash like I’m going to diet/exercise/stop smoking/become vegetarian out loud, your friends and family lie in wait for the very moment you eat one chip/sit down for five minutes/walk past a smoker/see Burger King so they can shout, “I knew you wouldn’t stick to it!” Why do we take so much pleasure in seeing people fail? Is it because, deep down inside, we have the feeling we aren’t going to make it through the whole of January without someone saying the same to us?!?

Of course I have resolutions that I whisper to myself, for instance:

  • I’m going to get so fit I don’t have to breathe in when wearing a bikini on holiday
  • I’m going to eat a more varied diet (we literally ate about the same 10 meals for the whole of last year)
  • I’m only going to apply for jobs that really interest me so that I have a fulfilling career for the rest of my days
  • I’m going to find a dentist and brave myself for the injections for my fillings in waiting
  • I’m going to get ‘brave’ glasses (rimless is heading out, tortoiseshell frames in!)

So, the pact is this: You know my secrets and I am happy to learn yours. Let’s not judge each other, only encouragement is allowed! If we don’t manage to conquer all (or any) of our own wish list, lets put it down to our busy lives and meet here, same time, same place, next year!

Come on, tell me what you are going to do differently this year..!


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