Can someone help me with this heavy egg basket?

Hindsight is one of those things that never arrives early enough!

Last week, my hopes were raised at work that I would be here after Christmas, doing interesting web work and copywriting, with only a small bit of headbangingly boring data entry. No one could give me (and I quote) “any guarantees”, but everyone was 99% sure the budget would be found to give me a pay rise and an ongoing role. Fast forward to this week and a “sorry, but there’s no money” chat and today is my last day. Hmm, not much of a Christmas present and just to rub it in, my agency had recruited for an ongoing, better paid role LAST WEEK but didn’t ask me about it as they also thought I was employed after Christmas. Ever the optimist, I’m sure that something else will come along but the realist in me knows I have bills to pay and need to get something quick.

Note to self: stop believing everything you hear, as it’s heavy work lifting all these eggs in one basket..! 😮


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