The first sign of Christmas…

Starbucks Christmas cup

Starbucks Christmas cup

For some people, it’s the toy adverts in September, for others, it’s the Coca Cola Santa advert but for me, the first real sign that Christmas is on its way is when Starbucks bring out their red cups! I can’t explain why a takeaway cup brings me such Christmas cheer, but there is something about it that looks cosy and warm and makes me want to drink coffee (full marks to the Starbucks brand awareness team!) And while I enjoy my daily lunchtime coffee served in one of these marketing marvels, I have a continued nagging from the ‘save the planet from disposable cups’ part of my brain. Throw in fretting over my exorbitant Starbucks coffee spending now that I’m a flat-renting grown up, it’s a conscience alleviating solution only my wonderful Other Half could solve! To reward me for beautifully decorating our Christmas tree, he bought me a Starbucks reuseable (RED) travel beaker. I was triple chuffed about this pressie as;

  • Starbucks (RED) cup
    Funky Starbucks (RED) cup

    A portion of the selling price goes to the (RED) Aids charity

  • It saves 5 of my takeaway cups going into landfill
  • It’s 25p cheaper to have coffee in your own stylish cup!

I was hoping to find one in my Christmas stocking, but it looks like I have been a good girl this year…

So what is the one thing you see, eat or smell that reminds you Christmas is on the way?


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