Thank goodness for thanksgiving!

I am embracing my (non-existant) American roots and am giving thanks for thanksgiving. Because of this holiday, I was able to stop the brain melting task of googling then phoning American companies (they are all off work celebrating) which means, drum roll please, that I was given something interesting to do at work! The show I’m working on has a website in great need of an overhaul and it turns out, I’m the woman to do it! So, for the last week, I have been doing something I love and the days have just flown by. It’s a reassuring thought that I can proof read a site about a subject I had no previous knowledge of and still be able to make suggestions, rearrange sections plus add the Biscotti stamp to it – I had forgotten how good it feels to get stuck into something you enjoy! I was really thorough (as only the perfectionist in me can be) and I think the Show Manager was both surprised and pleased with the amount of work I had done. As all the changes are made by another company, I shall be reading through the updated version with my tick list and red pen at the ready!

Of course the excitement of enjoying this is tempered with the fact that my usual mind numbing work task starts again on Monday… I just hope they have seen what I can do and are planning to give me more…


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