Moving weekend!

What an exhausting weekend! Other Half got the keys on Friday morning
and starting shifting boxes over to our gorgeous new flat. I finished at 2.30pm and drove straight over to meet the landlord who seemed like a straight forward kind of guy. I asked if we could put pictures up on the wall and he basically said we could as long as we leave the place as found i.e. no picture hooks, no holes and the whole area repainted! As the lounge, dining and kitchen are open plan, it means redecorating a large area – this decision will take some serious consideration!

The most delicious chocolates ever!

The most delicious chocolates ever!

Saturday passed in a blur of packing boxes, loading vans and cars with many journeys back and forth.
I climbed up and down stairs so much, you would think I was in a biggest loser style fitness event! Having eaten pizza for tea, by 8pm we fell into bed for some tv and M&S choccies (have never tasted better chocolate ever!) and spent the night in our first home together.

It poured down all Sunday but we still got a bit of retail therapy done with a trip to Ikea and Argos. By late afternoon we had dining room furniture, a kitchen bin, water filter and a diddy rollerball Dyson along with Other Half’s family who popped in for a cuppa. Our first bit of entertaining was helped along as they brought tea bags and cake (we had 3 coffee sachets and milk!) We didn’t actually get time to do any food shopping so pizza, KFC and more choccies carried us through the night.

Can you remember your first meal when you moved into your new place? I have to admit, the chocolates were a pre-planned treat on my part…!


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