Work blues…

I’m almost at the end of my fourth week temping and the good news is that they are keeping me on til Christmas (I was due to finish tomorrow), the bad news is that I fear my brain is slowly turning to mush. When they first explained that the job wouldn’t be very taxing, I embraced that thought, having experienced the most stress I have ever felt in my last job. The first few days were fun but now it’s only the thought of regular money til Christmas that is keeping me going. 

The reference from my last job meant they knew I have a variety of skills and there was talk of this telephone work ending so I could take on meatier online copywriting challenges, throwing in an hourly pay rise for my skills. Great I thought naively, I can stick out this phone work til then. Sadly, I have a green tinged personality so I constantly keep believing what people say and it lets me down time and time again. Turns out they want me to do something else, but they haven’t got time to sit down and think about it so I’ve just got to keep calling Europe and America for the next 6 weeks. My excitement levels peaked today because I was asked to write a press release about an industry I don’t understand but was all too willing learn about quickly, it was the most interesting thing I have done at work for 4 weeks. Apologies for moaning because I do know I am lucky to be working at all in this climate but my brain really needs some exercise!

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can do your job for the love and for the money, which one do you think is the most important?


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