We are moving!

We went flat hunting on Saturday as time is ticking away and we need to move out of Other Half’s parents house in the next 4 weeks. Booked to see 5 flats and houses both in and out of our rental range with everything crossed. Ended up seeing 3 and the third was a jaw droppingly gorgeous, ground floor flat. It was a shoes off kind of place and Other Half was ahead of me through the door, when he turned round with his chin on the floor, I knew something special was ahead of us.

We walked into a large lounge diner which had patio doors leading onto a large paved outside patio. The kitchen was small but modern and included our wish list slimline dishwasher plus 5 burners on the cooker top, one of which is for wok cooking! (note to self: buy a wok!) The master bedroom was a good size and included wish list TV point but also had a wow-that-would-be-great large en-suite. The main bathroom was also a nice size and I could see us mentally noting who would get which area!

As I walked into the second bedroom, I experienced my very own Carrie Bradshaw moment when Big builds her a huge closet – the length of the wall is all wardrobes and drawers and behind the last set of doors is a pull out desk / dressing table. There is enough room for a double bed too so we can invite people to stay, our dream flat was just right there in front of us. There is enough room for both our cars and we get access to the couple of acres of grounds the building is set in plus an onsite tennis court (note to self: must buy tennis racquet!)

We called the agent and put in an offer to get the ball rolling. It was refused but the agent felt sure he would come down a little in price (this was one of the out of our price range properties!) We put in our final offer which was still a little below the asking price and were told he would consider it over the weekend… 2 days of wishful thinking, looking at Ikea online and sleepless nights followed until a phone call this morning – he accepted our offer, woo hoo!! We are finally doing proper grown up stuff and it’s brilliant! Can’t wait to fill in paperwork and have bills to pay, I can hear you laughing at us now and I know we will probably be moaning about it all in a few months time but for now, there is nothing we want more…

We both have a lot of things stored in our parents lofts and one thing I am looking forward to is putting up Christmas decorations in our own home. What was the first thing you wanted to do when you moved into your own place?


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