Work is great!

Day 3 and everything is still hunky dory in the workplace. Someone stopped by to check how I was getting on and I said fine. It’s rumoured that I will be sticking around ’til Christmas and might progress to some copy and web work plus a rise in hourly rate, woo hoo! Don’t know why I didn’t join this agency sooner, it’s been a real confidence boost. I know I can do the work but it gets really disheartening when you never get any feedback from online jobs. Still waiting to hear what is happening about my cancelled interview, the poor woman is in hospital and her boss is in another country. Pleased I feel no pressure knowing my temping is a security blanket at the mo. Am feeding my Starbucks addiction everyday as they are at the summit of the hill I climb at lunchtime to get into town. Is it bad to have coffee and sweet stuff as your vices?

grande 1 shot skinny latte x £2.35 x 5 days = £11.75 per week

Hmm, I don’t go out drinking at the weekend and don’t smoke so surely this is practically a money-saving exercise?!? Help me justify the expense, please!


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