The dreaded first post-holiday gym session…

To ease myself back into some sort of fitness routine, I went to water aerobics last Monday and ached enough the next day not to visit the gym for the rest of the week! I got another aqua session under my belt yesterday and today, decided to brave the gym for the first time in five weeks… oh man, it was hard. The gym has recently installed a fancy signing in system that sets up all your programmes automatically on the new machines and I was greeted with a message from my trainer. He gave me a big wow for all the visits I had put in (pre-holiday) and told me to keep going. I felt really proud of myself and wondered if maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as I expected (note to self: always go with your gut instinct!)

After 12 minutes on the bike, I felt dizzy and wondered how on earth you can lose your fitness level so quickly, I was a gymming, swimming machine a month ago and now I can barely do 20 second bike sprints! I wandered over to the converging chest press machine and did a couple of sets, determinedly ignoring the flashing message that told me I wasn’t lifting my pre-holiday weight – I know I have turned into a post holiday weakling, I don’t need machines to keep reminding me! 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer at a paltry level 5 instead of 10, a couple of sets on the lat pulldown and my workout was finished. I logged out and was about to leave when I spotted the scales, was now the right moment to find out how much of a great time I had had on holiday?

Hmm, as I took a step towards them, two weeks of waffle / pancake / pastry breakfasts came flooding back. Another step and the healthy side of me jumped in with “Don’t forget you also had fruit with breakfast everyday!” “Maybe so,” argues holiday side “but you also ate out every night and enjoyed cheesecake that possibly contains your whole days calories in one slice!” Despite not being a big fan of scales, (I’m more about how your clothes feel), curiosity got the better of me and I jumped on. The pointer raced round to the top to reveal I was 12 st, my pre-holiday weight. Joy and relief wash over me because it has taken time for Other Half and I to adapt back to this healthy eating lark. We are back on the cereal and salad but are still celebrating the joys of weekend pizza, Starbucks, fast food and eating out. I know from previous experience that I can only fool my body in the short-term that these extra yummy calories are absolutely vital for my health and wellbeing…!

So, don’t let me sit here all alone feeling like a post holiday lemon, please tell me some of you out there also struggle to get back on track with healthy eating after sampling the joys of an I’ll-eat-whatever-I-fancy holiday. Don’t tell me I should exercise while on holiday or we will fall out big style, just because I think you’re right, doesn’t mean I want to agree!


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