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The Desert Riviera Hotel

The Desert Riviera Hotel

After we collected our luggage (first off the aircraft – what are the chances?!?) and picked up our hire car, it was a 10 minute journey that took us to the Desert Riviera Hotel. By this time, we had been up and about for a whole 24 hours and so must have looked pretty rough. We were hugged and greeted like family by owners Larry and Patty who escorted us

Larry and Patty

Larry and Patty

straight to our room, accompanied by a beer, diet coke and two huge slices of pizza in case we were hungry and just left to collapse. A huge bottle of champagne in a cold ice bucket greeted us along with a handwritten note to let us know how pleased they were to see us. I’m sure you can see already why we love this place so much, there are so many personal touches dotted throughout your stay that it really feels like a second home in a parallel sun-shining-no-work-worry-free kind of world!

Hotel Pool and Sun Loungers

The gorgeous poolside

With 10 sun soaked days ahead of us, we alternated between lazy days by the pool and trips out to sights we didn’t see during last years holiday. Being outside in weather over 100 degrees most days, my hours spent sunbathing were in and out of the shade in order to last the whole day. I punctuated the day with a light smattering of chick lit reading as well as random thoughts that popped into my head. I wondered if all those people who live in the houses we flew over, used their pool everyday? Do they get time in the real working world to take advantage of it or, is it like that old exercise bike or multi-gym back home – we used it a couple of times and then lost interest?

Scenic Mountain Roads

Scenic mountain roads

Driving round Palm Springs is so easy. No traffic jams, no Boy Racers, just people going about their business in a steady fashion, ready to gently toot you if you don’t turn right on a red light when the coast is clear. This is one of the weird driving differences between our countries that means at present, Other Half is the only one with confidence to drive us around on the wrong side of the road…!

Judy and Stephen

Judy and Stephen

After a couple of days, Desert Riviera Manager Judy and her husband Stephan were back on duty and it was time for another round of hugs and handshakes. Judy is a complete Weight Watchers inspiration, She has lost over 10 stone in weight in the last year. She not only looked amazing on the outside but the lovely, bubbly (urgh, such a fat persons word cliche I know but she is just sooooo bubbly!) woman we met last year has found an inner glow that can blind you if you stare at her in amazement for too long. She radiates happiness and oozes with new found joy of water aerobics and gym sessions. Having been a very unhappy size 18 myself in the past, I could identify with the pleasures her changing body is bringing her. I broadened my book reading to some inspiring non-fiction Judy was keen to lend me and gobbled up ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl‘, ‘Ruby’s Diary‘ and ‘Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir‘. Each of these women’s stories detailed their real life struggles to lose weight and, whilst pound for pound I lost a lot less than them six years ago, essentially, we all share the same feelings of depression and elation along the way. Judy has created her own website called ‘TooMuchGirls‘ to which she constantly adds loads of yummy healthy recipes and keeps you up-to-date with her new fun fitness finds, why not take a peek?

Anyone who has lost weight knows how difficult it is to keep it off, what’s your secret? The only way I have managed to stay a size 12 for the past six years has been to eat right 80% of the time, not feel guilty about treating myself 20% of the time and finding different kinds of exercise I enjoy. What helps you stay on track?


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