How do you lose those extra bikini inches?

Other Half and I both went exercise mad in the six weeks before our late September holiday – having discovered and consequently becoming quite addicted to ‘The Biggest Loser USA‘ (Sky is currently showing the Australian version), I decided that my newly acquired free time during the day was a sign I should start my own pre-holiday boot camp. This consisted initially of an 80-minute morning session in the gym, six times a week. With four weeks left to go, I added water aerobics or a 45-minute swim after the gym five times a week, then also added a 3 mile walk in the afternoon (admittedly, weather dependent!) With two weeks to go, we both ate salad for lunch and soup for tea everyday whilst constantly reminding ourselves of all the amazing American food we were going to eat for 12 whole days!

Five days before we went away, I injured my leg and had to stop exercising. Yes, all of you sighing and tutting that I was obviously overdoing it were right, but I just wanted to lose a couple more of those extra bikini inches before we got on that plane! Other Half also had to take it steady, as he has stiff hips and dodgy knees, but he got through unscathed and even managed a final workout the day before we left (show off!)

Despite all this effort, my weight was stuck between 12 stone or 12 stone 2 lbs (depending which scales I stood on,) which, at 5ft 11″ and a size 12 keeps me in the healthy BMI category but still, it was a bit disheartening given all the favourite food cutting down I was doing! However, on the upside, my belly had also magically flattened down a bit (as in the exercise-everyday-like-a-mad-woman type of magically!) Even Other Half thought I was doing the old ‘breathing in while trying on a bikini’ trick, but no, although I’m in no position to rival Britney, my overall toned size 12 body was feeling great!

The biggest compliment for me came from a casual comment Other Half made. We were pottering around Debenhams when I found a bikini top I loved but they didn’t have any of the matching bottoms left. “You could just wear the bikini top with a pair of shorts while we are away,” Other Half said, and my heart soared out of my chest; I have always wanted to feel brave enough to do that without feeling self conscious about my tummy and my lovely boyfriend was assuming I was at that stage. It’s funny how important the little things are and although I doubt he will remember even saying it, for me, it was a great start to our holiday…

So, do you have any pre-holiday fitness rituals? Do you go cold turkey on the chocolate, give up the booze or try a new fitness routine? Give me some tips and maybe a few laughs! 😮


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