Are we nearly there yet?

I’m on my 5th pile of washing, the suitcases are in a random state of undress and the rain is pouring down outside – yep, it’s that magical post-holiday feeling you get after two blissful weeks away. Palm Springs has everything a Brit could want  – great weather (112 degrees was our hottest day!), amazing food, brilliant shopping plus the number one hotel in America, I kid you not! Trip Advisor is firmly entrenched as our holiday bible and if you add up all the hours we have spent on there in search of the perfect place, well, lets just say I hope to put that kind of time into organising my pension plan one day!

While wondering where in the world we should go for a holiday last year, I found the gorgeous boutique Desert Riviera Hotel with more great reviews than you could shake a stick at. Despite only having 10 rooms, they had a space for us last September and more unbelievably, we could actually afford to stay there. We went, we stayed, we loved it, we went back again this year. The only downside to having such a great time in one place is that it’s kind of ruining our plans to visit the rest of the world – well, at least the countries that don’t require injections to get into, have food that’s not too weird, have people who can speak some English – ok, ok, so I sound a little bit unadventurous but I do want to at least cross off more places in America than:

New York (although do plan to revisit!)

Palm Springs x 2

Holiday minatures

Holiday minatures - officially cute!

Having had six weeks of free time due to the lack of job situation before we went, I bored everyone (including myself) to death with the daily countdown and had plenty of time to do last minute shopping as well as the actual packing. Although I’m excited about going away, I always realise how much I hate packing when it comes to holiday time – it shouldn’t really take that long’ yet it always seems to drag on. One thing I do love packing though is miniatures, why do everyday objects look so cute in smaller packaging?!?

I managed to pack both suitcases light enough to include a smaller empty case inside one of our huge cases, knowing we are going to shopping mecca and would need plenty of extra space to bring goodies home! We were finally ready for the Monday morning 5.30am alarm to wake us up…

So, am I the only one who can be crazily excited about going away but hate packing at the same time? Please tell me your holiday quirks so I can feel a bit more normal! 😮


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